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CHOPPIES Great value for your money! 22 TERNATIONAL AWXHO WINNEND Qute CARLING Black Label BEER AHOL ABUSE IS DANGER MENDESERVE CHAMPION LITE R6.00 8.99 11.99 Single Single 41300 T B With Crate 197.95 Black label 750ml beer Crate S Without Crate 220.95 Black label 750ml Castle lite 330ml Can or NRB LITE TE 20 ican FINEST AFEL ER Castle lite 500ml Can 53.99 Castle lite 330ml can or NRB 69.99 for 6 Castle lite 500ml Can LIT for senter 500ml Pre 12.99 CASCANNED CLAUSTHALER LEMON KOM ALCOHOUE A MATE RETRES 10.00 Single O TASTE FULL LIFE. Clausthaler 300ml KLIPORift 169.99 ****** 159.99 Klipdrift 750ml Brandy Brutal Fruit 275ml NRB 59.9 BRUTAL FRUIT Sparking PPLE SPRITE ANIT White Horse 750ml Whisky Brutal Fruit 275ml NRB WHITE HORSE Fine Old BLENDED GORDON'S SPRITZER for SCOTCH WHISKY TEOREE BILLE 164.99 Gordon's Gin 750ml SPECIAL LONDON DRY GIN 99 f 89.95 Tassenberg 39.99 Neon 750ml Flavoured vodka Coca NEO Coca-Cola 800M Tassenburg 750ml Dry Red wine+ Coca Cola 600ml 4TH STREET We good feeds, good wines and good ones SWEET ROSE ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED NO CARDS REQUIRED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICES VALID FROM AVAILABLE IN Khomas Grove (Windhoek), Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Outapi, Katima, Khorixas, Grootfontein, Walvisbay & Divundu 22ND SEPTEMBER TO 9TH OCTOBER 99.99 4th Street 3L OXXO O SCAN ME

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