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thumbnail - Cashbuild catalogue  - 23/05/2022 - 19/06/2022 - Sales products - sheeting, Bosch, lighting, distribution board, Rhino, ceiling board, drill, power tools, hammer, circular saw, saw, hacksaw, bowsaw, cutter, wheelbarrow, spade, glass cutter, pitchfork, claw hammer, club hammer, gardening tools, hand tools, garden hose. Page 3.
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WACO PREMIUM SWITCH SOCKET WACO PREMIUM LIGHT SWITCH Single 4x4 • 16 AMP 1 Lever, 1 Way SKU: 308685 SKU: 308682 Double 4x4 • 16 AMP 2 Lever, 1 Way PLASTERING TROWEL Including LED Globe A60 Plastic Handle 280mm LASHER CLAW HAMMER SKU: 9121513 DIAMANTOR GLASS CUTTER box SKU: 979891 69.95 1.5 to 10mm 29.95 SKU: 8843007 28.95 LASHER CLUB HAMMER SKU: 923103 142.95 SKU: 9169450 74.95 25x250 Fibreglass Handle 1.1kg LASHER HACKSAW SKU: 923104 182.95 SKU: 301353 287.95 Heavy Duty 25x300 244.95 234.95 Black 18mm x 20m SKU: 303955/6 20x250 SKU: 924645 SKU: 912739 84.95 5 Heavy Duty A60 E27/B22 LASHER COLD CHISEL Fibreglass Handle 500g RIVET GUN NITTO INSULATION TAPE LED GLOBE SKU: 305480 ALLEN KEY SET 79.95 799.95 1.8kg SKU: 924457 279.95 SKU: 923105 189.95 SKU: 924661 554.95 LASHER BOWSAW 530mm SKU: 924554 169.95 LASHER DIGGING SPADE IMPORTED GARDEN FORK SKU: 880 SKU: 8805 GARDEN HOSE SKU: 924550 + Fittings 20m x 12mm 750mm SKU: 906142 189.95 294.95 LASHER CONCRETE WHEELBARROW 399.95 SKU: 924551 224.95 SKU: 914 959.95 POWER TOOLS 219.95 600mm HAND TOOLS 37.95 99.95 SKU: 307406 64.95 + SKU: 308683 SKU: 308686 SKU: 307407 READY LIGHT 32.95 79.95 DISTRIBUTION BOARD 9 MODULE PRE POPULATED LIGHTING + Including LED Globe A60 GARDEN TOOLS ONE BULKHEAD LIGHT FITTING 95 95 OR NICE ESIVE 01155 95 es 1191 2.95 es/8.2kg 1192 4.95 BOSCH 41 PC ACCESSORY SET SKU: 320370 457.95 BOSCH IMPACT DRILL BOSCH CIRCULAR SAW Keyed Chuck 550W GSB1 GK 140 1400W 614.95 SKU: 9741118 BOSCH CORDLESS IMPACT DRILL GSB 180-LI 1 484.95 SKU: 308807 SKU: 320374 1 654.95 SCREWS AND NAILS rds: ve. se. re nt. in er. A ling: B C D E A. Serrated Galvanised Clout Nails all. nt. ee. id ns. Additional withdrawal resistance for fixing of ceiling boards e.g. coastal areas. Available in sizes 13mm to 150mm. B. Cut Steel Nails Fixing of timber skirtings to brick and concrete walls as well as to fix floorboards. Available in sizes 25mm to 75mm. C. Round Wire Nail General purpose nails used as a timber fastener. Available in sizes 25mm to 200mm. tion: cy. se. in er. G H J Ideal for general woodwork, fitting & miscellaneous hardware. Available in various sizes. G. Chipboard Screws Ideal for chipboard & soft wood. Available in various sizes. H. Convex Roofing Screws Used for the fixing of corrugated and IBR roof sheeting to trusses. Comes with a self-sealing washer to provide water tight roofing connections. Available in sizes 65mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm. I. Dry Wall Screws E. Fluted Nails J. Self Drilling Screws Provides a strong grip in brick and concrete. Available in sizes 25mm to 75mm. I F. Brass Wood Screws D. Semi Clout Nails Used for fixing of plaster board ceiling. The head and shaft is smaller than a clout nail. Available in sizes 25mm to 40mm. Namibia F General purpose screws used for fastening into dry wall, rhino board and ceiling boards. Available in various sizes. Fixing metal to metal, wood to metal or wood to wood. Available in various sizes.

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