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thumbnail - Agra catalogue  - 19/04/2022 - 17/05/2022 - Sales products - HI-TEC, glue, gloves, adhesive, sheeting, spray paint, top coat, paint, Duram, Medal. Page 11.
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Products available at DIY branches, or on order from all Agra branches countrywide. Duram Duram) Duram eSTEEL CLADD NS7 NS7 NS7 DuraStripp POWAFIX MEDAL Duram NS1Ten HEAT RESISTANT More than just a product PATCH NPAINT Duram 195 Polyurethan WOD KerED CACK ALL IN ONE COATING IN CORROSIVE PRIMI AND TOP COAT IN ONE VANNISH 89 95 9995 18995 26995 21995 13295 2995 49 95 Duram NS7 Medal Wood Duram NS1 Rust Buster Duram 195 Steel Cladd All in One Duram Powafix Crackfiller Powafix DuraStripp Heat Resistant Varnish 1L 1L Liquid Sugar Soap 1L Asst. 1L 1L 1L Paint 500ml Dark Oak Ready Mix 1L Duram) Duram Duram MEDAL MEDAL Bonding Liquid Duramesh NS4 NS4 NS Duram Chirome Aluminium Sliver SUBMERSIBLE WATERPROOFER ANTI-RUST COATING Durabit far cencrete and and Bel Sut 88 Bituminous Waterproofing PREMIUM STONE CHIP 2995 6995 64995 49995 31995 42995 189 95 Duram 88 Stone Chip 1L Asst. Medal Chrome Duramesh Membrane 100mm 10m Medal Bonding Liquid Clear 5L Cemflex Duram NS4 Duram Durabit Aluminium Waterproof 5L Metal Primer Red Oxide 5L 5L Black Silver 5L safe fix Melady SOM SIOI INTERIOR SB1 MASTIC EL FIX PVA POLYURETHAME FOAM VERICE ACHLA SPRAY PAINT 11995 1995 11995 17995 2695 39 95 5495 29995 Polyester Resin 300ml Soma Fix Soma Fix Ambro-Sol Powafix Mineral Powafix Powafix Acrylic Mastic Sealant White Spray Paint 400ml Thinners E- Linseed Oil Polyurethane Foam 750ml Turpentine 750ml Type 750ml Raw 750ml Medal Melody PVA 20L 310ml White/Cream Pattex Adhesive ! 89 95 2995 Bostik Bostik Bostik Bostik STCENVOS Ероху Steenvas Home Wer Pattex Glue 50ml ST100 50ml Bostik Bostik Bostik 6495 8995 3295 3695 Sa MuniealJA Bostik Sika Multiseal Tape 50mm x 2.5m Sealant 90ml Home/Bath/ Marine/Shower DIY Sheeting DIY Sheeting 2m x 10m x 150UM 3m x 5m x 150UM 1295 Polka Dot Gloves 1995 1995 Crayfish Gloves 695 Red PVC 1995 Knitted Gloves Cotton Glove Red Black Nitrile Gloves Smooth Palm 10GG 500g 44995 Hi-Tec Interceptor Razer Boot Size 3-12 34995 14995 17995 Hi-Tec WS Red Overall 2 Piece Size 32-46 Interceptor Kusini Boot Size 3-12 Green Overall 2 Piece Size 30-44 Size 48-50 159.95 Size 46-48 189.95 PAINT SAFETY PESF RESIN Cemflex Home

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